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Who is Handy Hubby?


You may have seen the Handy Hubby Property Maintenance “To Do List” in your mail box, or the Handy Hubby Property Maintenance truck in your neighbourhood.  So, who is this Handy Hubby?  His name is Craig Mathieson.  He was born in New Zealand and had a typical childhood learning how to be “hands on” building and repairing all sorts of things in the back yard shed with his father who was a builder.  Together they worked on their home, in the yard and with cars and boats.


Craig started work by completing an apprenticeship to become a fully qualified Cabinet Maker and worked in this industry for 7 years.  He later spent 3 years working as a builder of residential houses.  It was then time for a change and Craig moved to Australia, became an Australian Citizen and has spent the past 16 years working in residential property management and maintenance of residential homes.


Working with his hands has always come naturally.  This talent, combined with his past experiences have helped form him into a well-rounded, competent tradesman.  His success stems from the basics:


  • He returns phone calls 

  • He shows up on time

  • He does what he says he will do

  • He enjoys his work

  • He does a good job


As the adage goes “you get what you pay for”.  Craig works hard to provide great value.


He does the vast majority of the work himself specifically to ensure the quality of the job. If something is beyond his scope, he will be the first to say so and then point his customers in the right direction.  His integrity is such that he wants his customers to get a good job regardless of who does the work. He knows how good it feels to have those odd jobs that have been hanging around completed and out of the way.  His aim is to help you achieve that feeling, and put a smile on your face. 


You can contact Craig on  0405 51 41 51.  Let him know what needs doing and he will take care of it.




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